Roger Out……….Roger

Well I have listened to lots and lots of people about the mess that is going on in the NFL.  I have listened to every professional, think-they-are-a-professional and everyday fan talk about the crisis that is happening.  Here are the facts that everyone is either afraid of or somehow, incredibly, missed it.  I have some experience, albeit very old, with all of this.  Amazing how it never changed.

1. The men.   These players are gods – well at least that is how they are treated.  Since they demonstrated an ability to play at an exceptional level they have been treated “special”.  Since elementary or middle school, perhaps during some camp….they were treated “special”.  They are huge, well trained and very in touch with their strength and their station in life.

The women.  They have come to accept and expect ANYTHING that their player hands out.  ANYTHING.  They have a lot to lose.  The lifestyle that being a player’s wife can produce.  The hair, nails, clothes, homes, players wives club…..a lot.  Every wife (or significant other) isn’t like that.  Don’t get me wrong…..but most are.

The Commish.  Here are two things that must be understood. 1.   Goodell makes $40,000,000 a year.  Those zeros are not a typo.  Forty million dollars.  For one year.  Every year.  Unreal.  2.  He works FOR THE OWNERS.  The MEN  who want every strong, well fit and program understood player available to suit up.

This all came to being with a TMZ video of Ray Rice punching his fiancé in her face and leaving her unconscious.  Then all of the fingers started flying.  All of the players, agents, coaches, owners, commissioner, police departments, security departments and whoever else started pointing and saying more confusing….if not downright lies….about what really went on.

Here is what I say……this has been going on for a long time.  Roger knew then, he knows now.  He knew!  He wants to put a committee together BY THE SUPERBOWL?????  Is he joking?????  Time for him and all of his people to say goodbye.  Time to say Roger out…..Roger.

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Pat Riley said what??!!!!!

I was sitting around doing something important when I heard it…….

Pat Riley, the leader of the Lakers, was hears saying (I swear I really did hear this)……something about how in sports when a door closes he can’t believe how fast some players need one reopened.  WHAT?????

Can’t find a direct quote so I can’t quote it but WHAT THE FREAK DID HE SAY?????

Well Mr. Riley you LEFT THE KNICKS AND LEFT A FAX!!!!!!!  Sure it was a million years ago but REALLY???????????

Guess what goes around DOES come around…..huh?

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Don or Mark…..are you kidding???

Okay, so no one was more tied into the whole Don Sterling whirlwind than me.  NO ONE!!  I found the initial recordings…….well……… how can I say anything but truly and painfully pathetic.  The girlfriend who spent more time wearing color coded sun visors like heat sensors to be “confidential” (WHO was she kidding??)  The “come on give me one more chance” interview that Anderson Cooper gave to Donnie only to have him take off on Magic Johnson.  WHY???  His ignorance about HIV is only trumpeted by his lack of any concrete knowledge about Jews?

All of this and he wants to own a team…….

Now we have Mark Cuban.  He is a big mouthed, very rich and very successful man.  His comments regarding race were Stupid… doubt.  But they were not racist.  He said “If I see a black kid in a hoodie on my side of the street, I’ll move to the other side of the street. If I see a white guy with a shaved head and tattoos (on the side he now is on), I’ll move back to the other side of the street. None of us have pure thoughts; we all live in glass houses.”   WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT????

Don Sterling is a racist…..Mark Cuban is not.  Calm down NBA, USA and all of those folks who have nothing to do but follow this stuff.

Like me……

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The Jets Were Vicked

The Jets have already pissed me off!!!  Team Jets hasn’t even kicked off yet and they have already given me a reason…..

FIRST they signed Mike Vick.  Ok…..he did his time and made peace with his crime.  He has made strives to correct his life and behavior.  Done.  Now what the Jets have done to make me steam is HE IS ONLY GOOD FOR, AT MOST, HALF A SEASON.  I know, I know….he was brought in to MENTOR Geno Smith.  Well he is not a mentor, he is a starter.  Good luck Rex.  You have another QB mess on your hands – enjoy!!!!

THEN they released Mark Sanchez……to be signed by……..(wait for it)……..PHILADELPHIA!!!!  You know Vick’s old home turf.  The Jets are solely responsible for the cluster f**k that is Sanchez’s career.  Rex, Rex, Rex.

So I will watch Sanchez do well in Philly and Mikey sitting on the bench.  I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

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The Weather Is Always…..

I remember when I heard the news…….it was so exciting!!  The big game was going to be in East Rutherford!  John Mara and company was fresh and crisp for photos.  A fan was so excited on the news – THE BIG GAME HERE!!!!!

But then it slowly crept in……Hmmmm.  No dome, no weather cover……hell there wasn’t even a doggie door for the close to 100k fans who would embark on Met Life Stadium.


So what is REALLY the story Rog?????

What do you think?????

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So what have you been doing the last year……

Well… I am.  Alive (99%), well (and getting better daily) and ready to go (that one is 1000% for sure).

On November 2, 2012 I had a stroke.  I was 50.  That was about 13 months ago.  There are so many people that I have to thank.  The doctors and nurses that were at my call, the people who helped me to survive like the lady that I am without a hitch, the numerous therapists, counselors, patients and people who cared enough to say hello when that seemed to be to much to muster.  The countless people personally who slid their hands under my weak little body and said that anything less than 100% was not going to get it done.  I will never forget all of you and all that you did.

And what brought us all together all that time ago….sports.  The real drama that we worship and hate together.  That bring us to points of joy that can’t be put into any one language.  That can drop us into points of despair that can’t be spoken.  And everything in between…..yup sports.

Sports has always been here.  Now so am I.

See ya soon……

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Karma’s A Bitch And So Am I

Okay, let me first say that I love the Yankees.  Therefore by the laws of god, physics and all that is right I HATE the Red Sox.  Not a little bit…a lot.  Boyfriends, friends and business deals have been lost over my love for pinstripes andhate for the Bosox. 

Even my disdain for the Red Sox could not keep me from being completely floored and disgusted by the cowardly way Terry Francona was run out of town last Autumn.  I posted the blog below the day after it all went down.  Between the season ending collapse last year and the The Bobby Valentine Show so far this year (really Bobby…fan favorite Youkilis is the player you chose to pick a fight with in the press??)….well one has to wonder if karma is alive, well and living in Fenway.   The name of the blog was “Intentional Walk” and it was originally published on October 1, 2011.  It is amazing how on point it still is….enjoy!


“Okay – I am gonna be totally honest.  I love the Yankees.  I love Yogi, I loved the Mick, I hated and then loved “The Boss”, I love Jeter and I love CC.  David Wells threw his perfect game on my wedding day and I am pretty sure he did it because I LOVE THE YANKEES and somehow he knew that.

Therefore, I HATE THE RED SOX.  Not a little – A LOT.  I have actually pulled muscles rooting against the Red Sox.  Bucky Dent is nothing short of a god in my house and my husband understands that if he ever shows up at the front door that I will send a postcard.  We call David Ortiz “Big Poopy” in my house.  Kurt Schilling and his silly bloody sock can kiss my…well you get the point. 

So with all that being said……Terry Francona got the rawest deal in town yesterday. 

Francona is not the reason that Lackey forgot how to throw a ball over the plate, or that his “man of steel” Youkilis got hurt.  He didn’t cause his former MVP Pedroia to go ice cold in September.  And he CERTAINLY was not the cause of Carl Crawford turning into a collassal bust of all of the off season signings and dreadfully misplayed the ball that ultimately slammed their season shut.  Nope.

I can tell you what he did do.  He brought two World Series titles to Beantown in 2004 and 2007.  He compiled an overall record of 744-552.  He has also taken this team to the most playoffs in team history and has the 2nd most wins in Red Sox managerial history.  And for all of that he got….the intentional walk out the door.

In this era of ball players having egos and bank accounts bigger than the games they play (Hi Mr. Reyes, yes that line forms right behind Mr. Umenyiora over there) I get it.  Someone has to take the hit.  Of course Mr. Francona took the high road and resigned keeping the sacred “what happens in the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse” rule in tact. 

Like I said, I HATE the Boston Red Sox.  And now I hate how they treated the man who brought them back from the ashes.

Babe Ruth just ordered a beer and pointed to center field and said “This one is for you Terry”.

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Kneeling In A Jet Gang?

It is maybe the best episode of Punk’d ever…..take a minute and work with me here. 

The scene….Florham Park NY.  The first team meeting of Jets Training camp, July 2012.  One must take a moment to drink in the real life Land of Misfit Toys.  Your eyes fall first on the “Big Toe” (pun totally intended) of this alleged professional football team, YOUR head coach Rex Ryan.  At first it appears that he is studying this years playbook, making notes, writing and erasing furiously.  Sadly it is later discovered that he is simply trying to figure out how to spell the word guarantee in preparation for his presser on Media Day.  Your eyes then fall upon a solitary figure in the corner.  Could it be…why yes it is, Captain Santonio Holmes sitting all by himself on a long empty bench.  When asked why he, the dude with the “C” on his jersey, is sitting alone he responds with the charm of a rattlesnake “I am just startin where I left off yo, you feel me???”  Next, in a desperate attempt to find some nugget of anything having to do with THE TEAM, THE GAME OF FOOTBALL AND SEASON AHEAD you look for Plaxico Burress to ask him what if felt like to catch a Superbowl winning pass.  But alas, Plax is not there because after telling the Giants to shove their post prison offer he signed with the Jets and slowly disappeared over the next 16 weeks.  I could go on and on but you get my point here….53 players, 53 limos.  Can anything save this seemingly broken team (and I use that term very loosely)?

Suddenly the meeting room door swings opens and brilliant rays of sunshine streams into the otherwise dark room.  The loud rap music suddenly stops and melodic tones of “The Hills Are Alive” begins to fill the air.  Enter Tim “The Messiah” Tebow.  The very definition of goodness, virtue and selflessness.  He travels to third world countries on the off-season to build housing for people who have none.  He donates enormous amounts of money and time to charitable causes all year long.  In college he wore scripture numbers on his under eye black for crying out loud.  This is GOD’S quarterback folks.  Things that make you go Hmmmmmm……….

Suddenly one of my favorite Sesame Street songs pops into my head….One of these things is not like the other….one of these things just doesn’t belong. 

Okay Ashton….come on out…..Ashton…..ASHTON!?!?!?

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White Smoke Rises Out of Mile High At Last!!

Well, thank god, it’s over. 

After what seemed like MONTHS of endless speculation and coverage, the white smoke has now risen into the rocky mountain air and a new Pope has been elected in Denver.  Since the March 7th press conference where the Colts cut him loose, the speculation over Peytons place has been a real life drama.  Sports anchors have been scrambling, scouring and analysing every clue to be the ONE to break the story.  Fans on blogs and in chat rooms all over the country have been feverishly talking trash about why HE will come to THEIR team and deliver NFL nirvana.  We have endured grainy video of Peyton walking in airport hangers…..YES, walking in airport hangers.  We have sat riveted on the edge of our chairs during each and every stop of the “Whose Gonna Pay Peyton 2012 Tour”.  We even had a screen in screen live feed of a slow speed chase featuring Peytons motorcade as it arrived in Denver…..and no I am not making that up.

But alas,  now the contracts have been signed.  The shiny new Bronco wearing his shiny new jersey got phototographed with his shiny new bosses and now it is time to get down to business.  Right??

What seems completely forgotten in all of this is that Peyton is a 36 year old quarterback with 4 (and some say 5) NECK surgeries in his box score.  Not knees or elbows folks….freakin neck surgeries.  Not too many second chances involved with neck injuries that require multiple surgeries.  He has also not thrown a pass in the NFL since January of 2011.  And for those of you playing along at home, throwing passes during team interview workouts while coaches and executives pull muscles slapping each other on the back with “he’s our boy” pride, is NOT the same thing as throwing a pass with multiple 300 pound linemen charging at you like a rhino.  The risk is there and it is very real.

On the other hand, he is NFL royalty with a pedigree that has never really been seen before in professional football.  If anyone can turn this scenario into a happy ending…..the dude with the word MANNING on the back of his jersey is probably your guy. 

One thing is for sure.  Both Peyton and Elway want another ring…….BAD!  This move is a risk, but one that the Broncos had to take, period. 

How it plays out will be some of the best sports theater ever, period.  

What else is sure is that we will now have to wait until late summertime to see if Denver is indeed Peyton’s Place.

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One “Lin”gular Sensation…..Every little step he takes!

So it is another post football Sunday in February (sound the very sad music…may I suggest the theme from Brian’s Song?) In years past these February post football Sundays were  spent wandering around my house looking like I lost my lunch money, un-combed hair standing straight up in the air and watching Sportscenter 14 times and still not knowing what any of the coverage actually covered.  But not today!!  It is A POST FOOTBALL SUNDAY IN FEBRUARY AND I HAVE MY WHOLE DAY PLANNED AROUND….wait for it…..A FREAKIN KNICKS GAME!!!!

Okay, I will admit it….I am a “born again” Knicks fan.  I have seen the light, gone to the Mountaintop and come back to the promise land.  But it was a hell of a journey. 

In the mid 90’s I didn’t miss a game…EVER.  I loved that damn team.  Ewing, Starks, Mason, Oakes….led by the greasiest coach in the NBA, Pat Riley.  That is until he sent a resignation FAX to the team and flew South as all crap spewing birds are known to do.  After a brief coaching interlude by Don Nelson – enter the Underdog of the NBA – Jeff Van Gundy and his always present Diet Coke. 

I was there the night that Starks went 3 for 458 in Game 7 of the 1994 playoffs when Riley inexplicably stuck with Starks while Rolando Blackman and Hubert Davis were ON THE BENCH,  driving Knicks fans to beat themselves with chains.  I was there and watched the infamous Ewing finger roll that just missed and actually resulted in a glass of wine being hurled at a nearby wall in my home.  And who could forget PJ Brown flipping Charlie Ward around like they were on Dancing With The Stars, which started a bench clearing brawl that featured Van Gundy hanging onto Zo’s ankle like an amorous, growling chihuahua??  Awwww – I miss those days!!

Enter the Isiah/Dolan/Larry Brown show…..I will spend as little time on this era as I can because it still makes me equal parts furious and violenty sick to my stomach.  Suffice to say that the logic defying, infuriating and downright stupid decisions that were made (too many to list) during that time made Knicks wonder WTF could they be thinking???  I don’t know what Isiah has on Dolan but it’s gotta be good.  And I will leave it at that. 

Enter the amazing days of LINSANITY!!!  Even the addition of Melo and Stoudemire last season – which certainly added a spark of mojo to the Garden – cannot compare to what has taken place at 34th and 7th (or as it has been renamed – The Linsane Asylum)!!!

The hype is over the top.  The coverage is, in every sense of the word, global (Lin’s 87 year old Grandmother was chased by the paparazzi yesterday).  The phenomenon of the moment is kicking ass and taking names AND I LIKE IT!!! 

That being said, I feel like I must say to Super Lintendo….Dear Sweet Jeremy, please be careful.  As hard as it must be not to take all of this too seriously, please stay grounded.  It is hard to go from thin air to rarified air and as fast as they build you up in this town – they will take great delight in tearing you down.  It is a good thing you are from Harvard because you are gonna have to be a smart guy to navigate these waters. 

But in the meantime….where’s my remote?  Almost time for the next chapter in my favorite story…Linderella!!!!

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